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6.chinese rulers base there rule on this
7.Political and social order that developed during the middle ages when royal governments could no longer defend their subjects
8.a land grant to a vassel in the 9th century
10.a person sent out to carry a religious message
13.belief in one God
14.a form of goverment in which the leader is not a king and certain citizens have the right to vote
18.regular church members
19.a fine paid by a wrongdoer to the family pf the person he or she had injured or killed
1.Islamic Holy book
2.a means of determing guilt in Germanic Law
3.belief, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage
4.the head of the Easter Orthodox Church
5.the practice of living the life of a monk
9.the worship of religous images
11.a law code developed by Muhammad's scholars
12.rapid increase in price
15.epidemic disease
16.leaders of the church
17.one who sought to live a life cut off from ordinary human society in order to pursue an ideal of total dedication to God

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