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My Crossword

Bill McHugh

Chapters 1-4

1 2 3
4           5 6  
  8               9       10  
  11     12      
  20             21          
  22           23          

4.Roman law was this
9.The break, or separation, between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church
14.The last of the "five good emperors"
15.Married a 9 year old
17.Devouted Muslims are not prohibited to drink this
19.One of the most powerful kings of Mali
20.Lived apart from society and held goods in common
21.The title of the Turkish leader who seized Baghdad in 1050
22.The Frankish kingdom was established by this person
23.Prime minister to the caliph
1.Bride payment
2.Gregory the first strengthended the power of this
3.Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
5.Nun who founded the first convent in Germany
6.Most societies have adopted this calendar for civil affairs
7.The Frankish leader who defeated Muslim forces in 732 at the Battle of Tours
10.Accept only the descendents of Ali as rulers
11.Where Muhammad made his pilgramage
12.Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer
13."Wise human being"
15.Early caliphs ruled their empire from this city
16.Germanic law was this
18.Tall spire on the top of a mosque
19.Muslim house of worship

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