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Vegetables of the world

Priyanka Menezes and Maya Brich

You will find alot of intresting names of vegetables if you can complete this crossword puzzle. Half of these we had to find on google we still wonder how did people on the internet find these amazing names for delisios vegetables!!!Thankyou for using this crossword puzzle!!!

-Priyanka Menezes

4 5 6            
8 9   10         11            
    13   14          
15           16                
18         19       20  
22 23              
    27                 28
29               30        

6.i'm always orange unless i'm spoiled
7.i'm red and i have a green stem and i squirt out juice when you cut me
10.i'm a herb
11.you somtimes will find me on the sea floor and i'm sometimes served by the beach in meals
12.if you were to add ale to my name i would be a drink
13.i'm green and you somtimes shave my skin
15.i'm green and i taste good when i'm dipped in ranch
16.you will sometimes cut my hat of to make meals
17.i can be very spicy but i have my own chips
18.i smell like a mint but i'm a leaf
21.i come in diffrent colors red and yellow and green
22.i go really good in soup and i have my own soup
25.i sometimes will trick you into thinking i have an eye and the dot that looks like an eye is always there
26.i'm green and small
27.i'm reddish pink and i will stain your clothes if i touch them
29.i'm very very very spicy but i taste very good in indian meals
30.you somtimes put me on egg i can also somtimes be spicy
1.i am somtimes on hotdogs
2.i'm yellow and i am small and i go good with peas
3.i'm green or purple
4.i can be very spiecy but i taste good i meals
5.you will always mash me up and i somtimes look like onions
8.i'm green or purple and you somtimes cut me up
9.i'm purple or green
14.you use me alot in indian meals
19.if you open me up i'm little green beans but this anwser is not green beans
20.i'm green and i sometimes look like a stem
23.you will somtimes shave my skin to make food
24.i'm green and i go good in tacos
28.i'm a leafy vegetable

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