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Review of James ch1


1     2    
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    6               7
10 11                   12  
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1.If we lack this we can ask God for it and He will give it
6.This type of word is able to save our souls
8.When lust is conceived it brings this
11.And all…..
13.Patience’s perfect work makes us ……….. wanting nothing
15.As wise Christians we must be swift to…..
2.This kind of person is unstable in all his ways (2 Words)
3.Blessed is the person who endures this
4.…and slow to …
5.The trying of our faith works --------
7.We do this to our selves when we do not do the word after hearing it
9.Every person is tempted when he gives in to his own
10.Be ye …….. of the word and not hearers only so we can grow spiritually
12.Spiritual death is caused by this
14.When we ask God for anything we must use this and not doubt

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