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Alexander the Great

Tyrannical Tripps

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5.In addition to their gods, Alexander adopted Persia's _____.
6.Greek ideas were spread by building Greek-style ______.
10.There were _____ parts to Alexander's plan to create a single government.
12.The Peloponnesian War lasted ______ years.
13.In addition to terror, Alexander also used _____ to conquer.
18.The most famous city built by Alexander was _____.
20.Religion would be used by Alexander to inspire ______.
21.King Philip II, the ruler of _____, saw that Greece was divided,
22.A Persian custom Alexander adopted was receiving guests in a _____.
23.Philip II didn't live to see Macedonia conquer all of Greece; he was ______ in 336 BC.
24.In addition to Persia and Greece, _____ was a part of Alexander's empire.
1._____ from Egypt and Persia were honored by Alexander.
2.Alexander required all to believe he was the son of _____.
3.Alexander's army spread east... as far as the west part of _____.
4.The ________ War was in 431 BC when Sparta declared war on Athens.
7.While adopting culture and government, Alexander made sure his own people controlled _____.
8.The winner of the Peloponnesian War was ______.
9.After his death, Alexander's kingdom was divided into _____ parts.
11.Both Philip II and Alexander wanted to unite the Greeks by fighting _____.
14.At age 33, it is thought that Alexander died of ______.
15.Alexander wanted to spread Greek _____.
16.Respect for some conquered cultures was shown by ______ customs.
17.Alexander was tutored by _____, himself a student of Plato.
18.King Philip II's son was ______.
19.Alexander married the daughter of _____, king of Persia.

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