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'You Have To Stop This' Crossword Puzzle

Madison Thurston

2 3                      
    5 6   7            
            9 10
12       13            
  16                   17      
20         21              
    22       23    

3.The evil society that is trying to learn the Secret.
7.Pietro's brother who worked for the Midnight Sun, but then attempts to help the Terces Society.
8.A member of the Midnight Sun. She joined so that she would never age.
11.Cass's two grandparents whom she is very close to.
12.What does Cass put on the mummy's finger so it will reveal the secret?
15.Albert 3D's son, who is in Cass's and her friend's class.
16.The name of the society the three main characters work for
20.The leader of the Midnight Sun.
22.A friend of the main character. He plays guitar and violin.
24.What does Cass break off of the mummy?
1.The name of the author.
2.What is stolen from the museum?
4.The name of the mummy in the museum. He died after he learned the Secret.
5.What was the original secret written in?
6.What the Terces society is trying to protect, and what the Midnight Sun is trying to learn.
7.Where are the three characters accidnetally shipped off to?
9.The main characters best friend. He's always joking around and likes magic tricks.
10.Cass's ancestor who gives her a chest of treasure and a paper with the Secret on it.
13.The name of the curator who runs the Egypt exhibit
14.The main character of the story, she is obsessed with different survival tactics.
17.What is engraved on Cass's ring?
18.The Egyptian god of knowledge. Said to have originally told man the Secret.
19.What the Secret was originally written on, before it crumbled due to age.
21.The head of the Terces Society.
23.A member of the Terces Society. Specializes in disguises.

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