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You may know actors in movies.

1 2
3                 4                       5
  6                     7  
9                   10                           11  
12   13 14                          
      16             17          
  18 19             20
21                           22                                
      26       27  
28           29             30    
31             32    
33 34             35       36                          
    38       39   40    
41                       42                        
  44               45                    
46                 47                      
48                     49                  

3.An actor is from enter the dragon.
4.An actor is from g. i. joe, step up, dear john, she's the man and other movies.
6.An actor is from blade: trinity, green hortnet, wolverine origins, buried, the proposal and the change-up.
9.An actor is from mr. nice guy, rush hour 1-3, shanghai noon, shanghai knight, the tuxedo, the forbidden kingdom, drunken master, the karate kid, the medallion, police story, project a, the myth, twin dragons, city hunter, around the world in 80 days, gorgeous and other kung fu movies.
10.An actor is from old dogs, flubber, jumanji, hook, night at the museum and bicentennial man.
14.An actor is from beverly hills ninja, black sheep, coneheads, airheads and other movies.
15.An actor is from die another day, tomorrow never dies, goldeneye, mamma mia and other movies.
16.An actor is from crouching tiger hidden dragon, hard boiled, bulletproof monk and pirates of the caribbean 3.
21.An actor is from black hawk down, halloween h2o, pearl harbor, 40 days and 40 nights, the faculty, 30 days of night and other movies.
22.An actor is from rocky, the expendables, first blood, rambo, tango and cash and other movies.
23.An actor is from rush hour 1-3, the fifth element, friday and money talks.
24.An actor is from iron man and sherlock holmes.
25.An actor is from prison break and resident evil: afterlife.
28.An actor is from star wars 4-6 and indiana jones.
34.An actor is from 50 first date, wedding singer, bedtime stories, happy gilmore, you don't mess with zohan, big daddy, click, mr. deeds, the longest yard, the waterboy and i pronounce you chuck and larry.
36.An actor is from blade movies and new jack city.
37.An actor is from die hard, the fifth element, red, the expendables, surrogates, sin city, live free or die hard, cop out and other movies.
41.An actor is from the crow.
42.An actor is from dr. dolittle, beverly hills cop, shrek, the haunted manison, meet dave, mulan, i spy, daddy daycare and nutty professor.
43.An actor is from house of flying daggers, warlords, detective dee and shaolin.
44.An actor is from resident evil: apocalypse, extinction and retributiion.
45.An actor is from x-men, wolverine origins and van helsing.
46.An actor is from the lord of the rings and the goonies.
47.An actor is from the league of extraordinary gentlemen and james bond movies.
48.An actor is from star wars 4-6.
49.An actor is from fantastic four, not another teen movie and push.
1.An actor is from night at the museum, meet the parents, meet the fockers, dodgeball, zoolander, tropic thunders and madagascar.
2.An actor is from star wars episode 1 and g. i. joe.
5.An actor is from scooby doo, scream, thirteen ghosts and without a paddle.
7.An actor is from avatar, clash of the titans, wrath of the titans, terminator salvation and other movies.
8.An actor is from borat, ali g and bruno.
11.An actor is from x-men, superman returns and enchanted.
12.An actor is from scary movie 1-2, g. i. joe, white chicks and other movies.
13.An actor is from star trek and x-men.
17.An actor is from scooby doo and i know what you did last summer.
18.An actor is from beverly hills ninja, madgascar, the longest yard and other movies.
19.An actor is from transporter movies, the one, the expendables, war, cranks and other movies.
20.An actor is from kickboxer, timecop and street fighter.
26.An actor is from pirates of the caribbean and lord of the rings.
27.An actor is from mine yours and ours, g. i. joe, the parent trap and vantage point.
29.An actor is from shanghai noon, shanghai knight, anaconda, night at the museum, cars, hall pass, little focker, meet the parents, meet the fockers, starsky & hutch and the haunting.
30.An actor is from casino royale, cowboys and aliens, the golden compass, the jacket, quantum of solace and the girl with the dragon tattoo.
31.An actor is from major payne.
32.An actor is from black mask, romeo must die, fearless, kiss of the dragon, unleashed, cradle 2 the grave, hero, the one, fist of legend, the forbidden kingdom, the expendables, lethal weapon 4, ocean heaven, once upon a time in china, twin warriors, hitman, the defender, legend of the red dragon, born to defense, war, meltdown, warlords, the master and the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor.
33.An actor is from hallow man.
35.An actor is from iron monkey, flashpoint, i.p man 1-2, hero, once upon a time in china and other movies.
38.An actor is fromh hellboy and son of anchary.
39.An actor is from elf, old school, the other guys, superstar, blades of glory, step brother, anchorman, talladega nights, curious george, zoolander, kicking and screaming, land of the lost and mega-mind.
40.An actor is from scary movie 1-2, white chicks, little man and other movies.
42.An actor is from the lord of the rings, happy feet and spy kids 3d.

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