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S5 L.S. - Modern China - Word Puzzle

Shing Eling, Law Yiu Tung, Tsang Wai Lok, Yip Sing Chun

3                                       4  
    6 7                  
8         9                          

2.The product copied the design from the real one, and they are familiar, but sell in a low price, which do not go against with copyright, because they built up their own brand to sell those product.
3.After Hong Kong returned back to China, China and Hong Kong are not running the same policy.
6.Using the advantages of his/her job, to embezzle, steal, cheat other people’s property, or use other means to occupy property, and which is illegal.
8.The latest railway that China built, which is running with top technology, also with a high speed.
10.As reflected from the word, which means people of a dominate their country, and this word used to describe a political of country.
12.A people can do anything which are not hurting the others, and giving responsibility to what you did.
13.It is an ideology of political, which means the government took most of the power on political, and this is usually called the ‘Right side’.
14.Teaching or telling you some untruth things. Besides, closing the way or methods that you can find the truth.
1.Describing a country weak at Economic and Social, characteristic those countries are uneven structure of foreign trade, lack of foreign exchange, undulating fluctuations exports revenue, Debt problems, Economic dependence.
4.It is a revolution that held by Mao, it made a great change of China. It was the opening up of China.
5.It is talking about the problem of farmers, rural area and agriculture.
7.China’s population got 1.3 billion, it is quite a lot to a country. So the government carried out a policy to control the population.
8.People should have appropriate treat, and people are having privilege of their own life, freedom, dignity.
9.It is an ideology of political. Which means the people have a lot of right to join the political of a country, and this is usually called the ‘Left side’.
11.It means that everything are separated to people by the overlord.

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