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Happy 80th Birthday, Delores!!!

2     3 4 5    
  6 7    
        11 12
13     14 15     16            
17                 18   19 20        
22           23                
25       26        
28         29
    30             31           32
          33 34   35    
36         37     38           39      
    40   41           42            
44           45       46        
  47   48            
      49 50 51          
52 53         54   55          
  57       58          

2.Baby brother
5.How many great-great-grandkids does she have?
8.Middle granddaughter
9.Baby sister
10.What her friend Wanda called her
15.Oldest granddaughter
17.Married to David
20.Married to Stephanie
21.What did her brother Bill wrap a string around and chase her with? (2 Words)
22.Married to Janet
23.Maiden name
24.Who is Johnny?
26.Only son
27.Mom (2 Words)
28.Married to Janie
30.Who she shares a wedding anniversay with (3 Words)
34.Crazy sister
36.Stefanie, Delana, Rusty, Julia, Franklin and Andrew call her this
38.Baby granddaughter
40.Married to Patrick
42.Eye color
43.Married to Julia
44.She never says this to her grandkids or great-grandkids
45.Great-grandson who works for the Okmulgee County Sheriff's office
48.First name
51.Patrick, Shannon and Jake call her this
52.Last name
55.She makes the best
57.Baby girl
58.This is very important to her
59.Who said he would marry her if Ernest didn't?
60.Where she met Ernest
61.Number one daughter
1.Birth town
3.Youngest great-grandson
4.What most people call her
6.Who owned a restaurant that she cooked for? (2 Words)
7.Who loves her?
11.When did she work at Liberty Glass?
12.Grandson whose real name is David
13.Great-grandson who lives in Arkansas
14.Where she cooked for the kids (2 Words)
16.Grandson who lives in Michigan
18.Dad (2 Words)
19.Total offspring (Kids, Grandkids, Great-grandkids, Great-great grandkids)
20.Which brother lived in Las Vegas for many years?
25.Age when she married Ernest
28.Oldest grandson
29.Current city
31.Which sister do we call Toots?
32.Nathan calls her this
33.Who did she knock out with a croquet ball?
34.Middle daughter and hair stylist
35.She has this number each of grandkids and great-grandkids
37.Only great-granddaughter
39.Named after Chicago Bulls Player #23
41.Baby grandson
43.Janie, David, Janet and Joy call her this
46.How old is she?
47.Great-grandson who lives in Chouteau
49.Great-grandson who lives in Beggs
50.Baby of the family
53.How many siblings?
54.What does she watch on TV?
56.Favorite color

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