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Web Page Design Vocabulary


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1.A kind of mini application that can be downloaded over the internet and launched on the user's computer.
3.Is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet.
6.Refers to the level or degree of a page's operating friendliness for the user.
7.It enables the deployment of Windows programs over the internet.
8.A graphic format suited for flat color images and drawings
10.The copying of data from a remote computer to your local computer.
14.A measurement of the amount of users that visit a Web site.
16.A programming language use to create websites
17.An acronym that means Cascading Style Sheets.
19.A server dedicated to indexing internet web pages and storing the results
20.An executable list of commands created by a scripting language.
23.To create an arrangement (or layout)
24.Describes how fine the dots are that make up that image
26.Transfer Protocol.Hypertext
2.Skeletal HTML pages with the main content left out.
4.What You See Is What You Get
5.An image or portion of text that is highlighted in some way and connects the current document to another
9.A way to make sure that your (HTML) code is compliant with current HTML
11.Numbers are a base-16 numbering system used to define colors on Web pages.
12.The numerical designation of a computer attached to the Internet.
13.The sale of goods and services on the web
14.A formatting command written into a document that specifies how it should be formatted.
15.W3C [World Wide Web Consortium] − Established in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential
18.A computer program or process which responds to requests for information from an user.
21.Refers to how monitors divide the display screen into thousands or millions of individual dots to display an image.
22.A series of requests from the same uniquely identified individual in a set period of time
25.The web address

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