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Unit 2--Nursing 116

Kristina Parshikova

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1.Human-to-human is what type of caring?
4.Civil war nurse?
6.Care of elderly people
11.What kind of thinkers are flexible, honest, nonjudgmental and are interested in the truth?
12.Benjamin Franklin initiated the building of the first hospital in US in what state?
15.Name of theory which states that people have to meet their lover level of needs before higher level of needs
17.Who established the National League of Nursing?
2.Name of fracture (injury) that did not occur because of a fall
3.Last name of person who published Notes on Nursing and Notes on Hospitals
5.Nutricitus is latin word which means...?
7.Nurses who abuse drugs and alcohol referred as...
8.The fundamental principle of patient advocacy is...?
9.Person who was first encountered mentally ill people in jails
10.First trained American nurse
13.Word originated from Greek that means a model, theory, perception, assumption
14.Holistic nursing -- caring for ... person
16.Organization that represent hospitals, health care network, their patients, and provide clinets;right and responsibilities

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