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Research Strategy and Design

1   2               3 4
  7                 8      
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1.A research design which studies more than one case.
6.A research design which studies social change over a long period of time.
7.Gathering data in the form of numbers, often via a deductive approach.
9.The conclusions you draw should be related to the gathered data.
11.A research design which studies only one person, event or organisation.
13.Your qualitative data should be ______________.
15.The most common quantitative data collection tool.
2.'_____ - methods' strategy involves gathering both quantitative and qualitative data.
3.The act of studying knowledge.
4.Your quantitative data collection tool should be __________.
5.A common method of gathering qualitative data.
7.Gathering data in the form of words (or pictures), often via an inductive approach.
8.This research strategy involves gathering data first, then linking to relevant theory that has emerged.
10.A research strategy to take an accepted theory and try to find evidence of it in your social setting.
12.These personal beliefs can impact upon your research.
14.This is concerned with the study of social constructs (settings and actors).

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