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Respiratory system

Diana Goh

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2.When the volume in the lungs increases, the ____________ drops and hence air rushes in.
4.Smoking causes this.
5.Also known as the windpipe.
7.The process of breathing out.
10.Contains the vocal cords.
14.Alveoli are surrounded by these.
17.Bones that protect the lungs, and are collectively involved in the breathing process.
18.The lungs are surrounded by a thin layer of _________ membrane.
19.Tiny hairs that line the trachea.
21.Smoking causes this.
22.When air is taken into the lungs, the __________ of the pleural cavity increases.
1.What branches off from trachea and the bronchi?
3.What is brought into the lungs during breathing?
6.Tiny air sacs.
8.The component in cigarette smoke which paralyses the cilia in the trachea.
9.When a person breathes in, the internal intercostal ___________ relax and the external intercostal __________ contract.
11.A major component of cigarette smoke.
12.The process of breathing in.
13.A muscle under the lungs.
15.________monoxide, a component in cigarette smoke which lowers the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
16.Helps to trap bacteria.
20.The main organ of the respiratory system.

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