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Introduction to Poetry 2a

Partners in Crime

Use your textbook to find the answers for the puzzle... (pg 390-391, 410-411, 418-419, 444-445 & 452-453)

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1.poem that tells a story (2 Words)
7.a comparison that uses like or as
8.a pattern of beats, or stresses, in a line of poetry
11.words and phrases that describe how things look, sound, smell, taste, or feel. (2 Words)
12.difference between appearance and reality
15.refers to the author's or poet's choice or words and how those word choices express ideas or emotions
17.the time and place in which it occurs, together with all the details used to create a sense of particular time and place.
19.the number of beats or stresses in a line
21.can usually be recognized by its formal tone that laments the death of someone
23.Anything that stands for or represents both itself and something else
24.an event that occurs that violates the expectations of the characters, the reader or the audience (3 Words)
25.character says one thing but means another (2 Words)
26.Consonant sound is repeated at the beginning of several words
28.type of narrative poem which relies on elements of drama such as monologue or dialogue to tell the story (2 Words)
32.a comparison in which one thing is written about as if it were another
35.use of words or phrases that sound like things to which they refer
36.refers to conditions in which the poem occurs.
38.rhyme that occurs at the end of the lines (2 Words)
39.A passage of prose that makes such extensive use of poetic language that the line is blurred (2 Words)
2.is the pattern of end rhyme designated by assigning a different letter of the alphabet to each rhyme (2 Words)
3.the way a writer uses language to reflect his or her unique personality and attitude toward a topic, form, and audience
4.a figure of speech in which an animal, a thin, a force of nature, or an idea is described as if it were human or is given human qualities
5.writing or speech that is meant to be understood imaginatively instead of literally (2 Words)
6.rhyme is the use of words that do not rhyme exactly but have a similar sound (2 Words)
9.the repetition of vowel sounds
10.Poem to honor or praise someone or something
13.Uses imaginative and musical language to communicate experiences, thoughts, or emotions.
14.the character who speaks in, or narrates, the poem (4 Words)
16.something is known by the reader or audience but unknown to the characters (2 Words)
18.use of repetition of sounds at the end of words
20.rhyme that occurs within lines (2 Words)
22.figurative language in which overstatement or exaggeration, is used for dramatic effect
27.expresses the emotions of a speaker and tends to be musical in style (2 Words)
29.when every element of a poem or story symbolizes something else
30.two line stanza
31.groups of lines in a poem
33.a comparison betweeen two like things that are alike in some ways but otherwise quite different
34.descriptive language used to create a vivd picture in the mind of the reader and to appeal to the senses- primarily sight
37.the emotional attitude toward the reader or toward the subject implied by a poem

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