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Mrs Mears puzzle #1

Joshua Roberson

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12               13          

1.Permanent records of a patients treatments and progress.
3.Developed a code of what is to be expected from LPN / LVN's.
8.Human to human caring.
12.Founder of modern nursing.
14.First American trained nurse.
2.Ethical principle that means to do no harm.
4.Being free of physical, social, mental, disease and other abnormal conditions.
5.Agreement plan produced when two institutions of higher learning partner to provide a simplified pathway for transfer from one college to another.
6.Approach of medicine that focuses on the total patient care.
7.A general sense thoery, model, or pattern of how things work.
9.Benjamin Franklin initiated the first United States hospital in?
10.Wellness-Illness ______?
11.Individuals basic concepts and fundamental principles of right human conduct
13.Program that meets the minimal requirements from the state is an _____ program.

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