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WoodBadge - Beaver Trivia


1 2             3   4  
6 7            
    9   10    
  11         12                      
14   15                                  
16             17     18
22       23                                
  24                 25
26   27       28
      29       30                
33                   34                
  35             36              
37               38                  

2.Happy land (2 Words)
5.Who stole my honey?
6.They go round my neck
8.Scrappy Scribe (2 Words)
10.Scrappy sings with this critter
11.Fearless leader (3 Words)
14.Organizer of the first Wood Badge training (3 Words)
16.This critter has a flappy tail
19.Our fearless leader (2 Words)
20.Why five?
21.They sing at the end
22.When we get the beads (4 Words)
24.Where am I? (2 Words)
29.I can use it for first aid
31.We made it red on day 1
33.We come in herds
34.Lets make sure everyone is included
36.Zulu king
37.Does it relate to Scouting?
38.When do I know it is finished?
1.If I forget it.... we are in trouble (2 Words)
3.High place for training (3 Words)
4.The part I play in my troop
5.This critter roamed the plains of the west
7.This critter has total Aerial domination
9.Does this critter fly?
12.name of the knot on the woggle (2 Words)
13.So hard to write a short one
15.Totem of Gilwell Park (3 Words)
17.What am I doing? (2 Words)
18.One big family (4 Words)
23.Beavers love to start this one (3 Words)
25.This we achieve in training
26.I gave my cloth to the cause
27.This critter rocks at night
28.It sounds intelligent, but is it?
30.living on the limit
32.What we have to do

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