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Sport Psychology

Julie Manne


1                   2            
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5                       6 7  
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1.Studies the individual in interaction with the social environment
5.Involves changing or controlling aspects of the environment to change behaviour in a way that would benefit both the individual and society
12.Looks at the influence of biological factors on behaviour
14.“Word or discourse” reveals the original definition as discourse about the soul
15.The primarily scientific study of human and animal behaviour, affect, and cognition
2.Concerned with the processes involved in our learning about the world, ourselves, other people and our relationships
3.Societally prescribed rules for behaviour
4.Involves adapting existing methods to different cultural groups, identifying the specific problems in deprived communities, developing new methods to deal with them, and training community workers to spread psychological skills to a wider number of people
6.Those who read about it afterwards
7.The belief that children not possessing the traits indicative of athletic success eventually drop out of sport
8.Registered by the HPCSA to receive training in the administration of psychological tests. They must have an honours degree in psychology, as well as specialised training in psychometry
9.Specialise in understanding the relationship between the brain and nervous system, and behaviour
10.Are interested in character, temperament, personality traits, and the complex processes that make one person so different from another
11.Occur even though they cannot be observed directly; such processes include: perceiving, thinking, remembering, and feeling
12.Defined broadly as actions that can be readily observed, such as physical investigation, activity and speaking
13.Means “soul” (behaviour and mental processes).

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