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Ecology Crossword Puzzle

Evan Torregrossa

Puzzle about various ecology terms

1 2      
  3 4  
      5 6        
    8   9                
11                     12

2.The organism that is hunted by the predator for food
6.A species' part of an ecosystem
7.Part of an environment where organisms live
9.A relationship between organisms in which one organisms benefits
11.Organism that eats only other organisms
13.A relationship between organisms where one organism is benefitted and the other is harmed
14.Feeding positions in Food chains
15.Shows the order that energy is passed from organisms in an ecosystem
16.Autotrophs; organisms that make organic compounds from inorganic ones
17.A relationship between organisms where one organism benefits and the other isn't harmed or helped
18.Factors that limit the growth of a population (water availability, food availability, etc.)
1.Organism that eats only plants
2.The organism that hunts prey for food
3.A relationship between organisms where both organisms benefit
4.Food chains that connect at certain points
5.Heterotrophs; organisms that get nutriets from another organism
8.Shows the energy levels in an environment
10.An environment and the geopgraphy of that environment
12.A process in which light helps to create organic compounds from inorganic carbon (CO2)

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