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2.Fault block mountains located in North America
10.Dome mountain in the United States
11.Plateau mountains in the United States
14.Formed when plates collide and the Earth's crust lifts upward
17.Molten rock that reaches the Earth's crust through cracks in the crust or volcanoes
19.Large, flat topped area of land caused by lava beds uplifting
20.Hotspot that formed the Hawaiian islands
21.Formed when forces move the Earth's crust upward in a dome shape
1.Long area of raised land between 2 faults
3.Forces that wear rock down such as wind, water, or ice
4.Horst in Germany
5.Formed when 2 plates collide head on
6.Formed when forces erode a large pile of sedimentary rock
7.Formed when 2 plates pull away from eachother
8.A downward fold in rock
9.Volcanic mountain in Oregon that erupted fairly recently
12.Molten rock before it reaches the surface of the Earth
13.Glacially eroded mountain in Wyoming.
15.Folded mountains located in North America
16.An upward fold in rock
18.Large mountain range in Asia

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