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Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

2   3 4        
    9 10
11   12              
16 17                     18
20             21        

3.Deficient in quality or quality; lacking fullness or richness.
5.Twenty four teenagers who are picked to be in the hunger games.
7.A token worth one year supply of grain for one person.
8.A place where you can sell and trade also known as the black market.
11.A person who engages in an illegal business dealing.
15.What does district 12 Produce?
17.The guards of Panem.
19.What fires to tell the tributes that one of the competitors is dead?
20.Cut or gather; to obtain, win (gathering two people to participate in the hunger games).
21.What does Katniss shoot at when in the session with the Gamemakers?
1.Also known as the "The mockingjay".
2.What is the name of the berries that killed Foxface?
4.What district does the bread come from during the games?
6.What is the name of the mutated bird the capitol created?
9.The offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill it's sovereign.
10.A means of support; especially food or nourishment.
12.What is the name of the golden horn that holds all the supplies at the beginning of the games?
13.A cat that doesn't like Katniss.
14.A white colorless, tasteless, odorless wax made from wood, coal, or petroleum and waterproofing paper.
16.Vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.
18.The president of Panem.

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