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1.The little boys near the school guarded a pile of what?
6.What did Ariadne give Theseus to help guide him back to the outside ?
8.What newspaper was "The Lottery" first published in?
9.The area where Theseus grew up with his mother.
12.The sea where Theseus's father kills himself.
13.Where did the accused enter to choose one of the doors?
14.The princess often had these before the day of the "trial"
19.Who is the semibarbaric king most like in the Hunger Games?
20.What color sail was Theseus supposed to have to put up to signal he was okay?
23.Name of the box with the slips of paper inside.
24.Who made Ariadne's mother fall in love with the bull?
26.What does the accused have to do to honor the king before he decides which door?
27.Name of the island where Theseus abandoned Ariadne.
28.The year "The Lottery" was published.
29.Name of Tessie's eldest son
30.What event in the Hunger Games is like "The Lottery"?
2.Author of "The Lottery"
3.How many sacrifices were given to the Minotaur each time?
4.Name of Tessie's youngest son
5.Tessie was (what) to the lottery in the beginning of the story?
7.Ariadne is very much like who in the Hunger Games?
10.Theseus killed the Minotaur with his ?
11.What Theseus moved to learn who his father was
15.Name of Ariadne's father
16.How many times has Old Man Warner been in a lottery?
17.In the short film, what hit the king by an accident of a little girl?
18.The last name of the author of "The Lady or the Tiger?"
21.What event was "The Lottery" most likely about in a way?
22.The princess used her ? to signal her lover which door to choose,
25.What part of the setting is like the setting in a Hunger Game?

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