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Unit Two Vocabulary

Cynthia Haddad

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1.a natural soil and humus mixture that improves soil fertility and soil structure
5.a type of dispersal in which individuals leave a population and thus decrease its size
6.a condition in which people are unable to meet their basic needs for adequate food, clothing or shelter
10.the rate of change of a population's size, expressed in percent per year
12.the time it takes for a population to double in size
15.when the birth rate equals the death rate
17.a model that shows the mathematical relationship between environmental impacts and the forces that drive them
18.an integrated explanation of numerous hypothesis, each of which is supported by a large body of observation and experiments
19.the ability to meet the current human need for natural resources without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs
1.something in a community that is used by all, owned by everyone in the community
2.a type of dispersal in which individuals enter a population and thus increase its size
3.an educated guess that might be and that is testable by observation and experimentation
4.the number of deaths per 1000 people per year
7.waiting for something to become a problem
8.the effect of a firm that does not have to pay all the costs associated with its productions
9.conservation of the resources in used items by converting them into new products
11.the process in which people increasingly move from rural areas to densely populated cities
13.workers do not get fair wages
14.the sensible management of natural resources
16.the number of births per 1000 people per year

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