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The Maze Runner

James Dashner

This puzzle is based on important words that are found in the exciting science fiction book called "The Maze Runner." This futuristic novel follows Thomas into a strange parallel world called the Glade which is enclosed by concrete walls and is surrounded by a deadly and unsolvable maze. Solve the puzzle below to learn more about this nail-biting adventure.

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3.Thomas' first friend in the Glade.
5.The metal contraption that delivers Greenies, new members, to the Glade.
7.The potion that is injected into a boy who is stung by a Griever. It causes unbearable changes but usually saves the boy's life.
9.The protagonist of the "Maze Runner" who loses his memory before being deposited in the Glade.
10.The dangerous monster that is half-animal, half-machine that lives in the Maze.
11.A slang word the boys use to describe a new member of the Glade.
13.The punishment given to any member of the Glade who tries to kill another member.
14.The rustic village that the boys of "Maze Runner" call home.
1.This massive concrete entrance closes every night at the same time, imprisoning the boys and locking out Grievers.
2.The point-of-view in which this story is told.
4.An important role given to boys who serve as leaders and decision-makers in the Glade.
6.The area of the Glade that contains a shack that the boys call home.
8.The lead runner who trains Thomas to be a runner.
12.Someone who leaves the Glade everyday to run the complicated Maze in the daylight looking for a way out.
14.The Box made an unexpected delivery the day after Thomas arrived in the Glade. What was it?

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