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Melbourne Cup


1           2      
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    22   23              

1.Permanent structure for seating spectators
3.'.........' Race course
4.'The ride that stops a ......'
6.Jockeys uniform
8.If you choose the first two horses to cross the line
9.No longer racing
11.Day of melbourne cup
15.First horse to win 3 consecutive races (2 Words)
16.Melbourne cup premium marquee area
19.The profession of who rides the horse
23.Male horse not gelded
24.If you choose the first three winning horses in exact order
25.Jockeys seat
2.Horse breed
3.Fashions on the '.....'
5.Bart Cummings
6.Lottery for groups of people
7.What animals the Melbourne cup feature
10.A place were everyone attends to place their bets
12.In 1960 a commemorative stamp was made for 100th year of melbourne cup, which horse was represented
13.Paying out
14.Horses locked in ready to race
17.At what gate the horse races at
18.Person or organisation that take bets on events at agreed upon odds
20.An expression of relative probabilities
21.Australia's most famous race horse (2 Words)
22.Tool traditionally used to exert control over animals

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