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Greyhound Lovers Puzzle

Greyhound Pets of America/Louisville

Learn more about Greyhound adoption at: http://www.GPALouisville.org

1   2 3
5               6        
      7 8  
9                 10     11      
12                   13
    17 18                
19     20              
        21 22 23 24
25         26   27                   28    
    29               30    
32 33          
34   35  

1.Largest Greyhound adoption group in the country
5.Former profession
6.All-purpose word used to describe anything awesome or spectacular
9.Number of color combinations recognized by the NGA
10.Always gotta have one handy
12."She looks like a deer"
14.Candy toxic to all dogs
15.You'll have to teach me how to do these
16.Built for speed
18.Legendary Greyhound protector of children
19.Some Greyhounds can; many won't
20.Former residence
25.It's always time for ______
27.It's in the cards
28.Registrar of racing Greyhounds in America
29.A Greyhound's favorite furniture
30.Greyhound singing
31.Greyt dogs
33.It's black and white
36.Basket or racing
37.Family of dogs
38.Pointy noses
39.Every set's unique
40.Have to keep these trimmed
2.Greyhound Capital of the World
3.Best way to get a Greyhound
4."He looks like a tiger"
6.Fruit toxic to all dogs
7.Can't be too loose or too tight!
8.Natural position for a Greyhound's ears
11.Posture Greyhounds take when they want to have fun
13.Greyhounds' favorite activity
14.General who owned Greyhounds
16.Preferred kind of feeder
17.A dog who seems joined to your hip
21.Some Greyhounds do this during a bath
22.Something to do between naps
23.How some Greyhounds like to sleep
24.Vegetable toxic to all dogs
25.Where Greyhounds used to work
26."I can do this 16 to 18 hours a day if you let me!"
32.Greyhounds' job before racing was devised
34.Greyhounds' homeland
35.Where Greyhounds are found in the Bible (30:30)

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