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Genetically Modified Foods

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    12                   13

2.kills plants by shutting down production of essential amino acids
3.genetically engineered rice that contains the enzymes that allow it to produce Beta-carotene (2 Words)
7.Farmers select crops with desirable traits, and use it to pollinate others (2 Words)
8.forms Vitamin A in our bodies
10.Genetic Engineering uses _________ to identify the genes that produce specific traits
11.Roundup kills plants by shutting down production of __________. (2 Words)
12.A concern about Bt crops is the fact that insects can become ________ to them, as they can with pesticides
14.Researchers were able to make an edible vaccine for this disease using a potato
15.Bt crops have eliminated millions of gallons of_________.
16.Scientists can also make the oil healthier by developing plants that produce a less _________ fat
1.When a potato is fried, _____ replaces the water in the potato
2.Scientists take a desirable gene from the plant that possesses it, copy it, and place it in the cells of other plants (2 Words)
4.uses biotechnology to produce genetically modified (GM) crops (2 Words)
5.Non bt sections of crop fields
6.The molecular instructions at produce different traits
8._________ thuringiensis (Bt) is a soil bacterium that infects and kills insects.
9.Scientists have already cloned genes for a protein in an African plant that is a ______ times sweeter than sugar
13.Scientists are modifying the sugar beet to produce an enzyme that converts sucrose to ____________.

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