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Ancient Egypt

Robert Hollman

Ancient Egyptians are known for their engineering feats. Most of what we know about how they lived comes from their writings, drawings and the way they buried their pharoahs.

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4.a long-lasting, paper-like material made from reeds
5.destroyed Nero and took over Kush; about 350 AD (2 Words)
9.ruler of Kush, seized on Egyptians weaknesses; conquered upper Egypt by 751 BC
10.a system of people in different lands who trade goods (2 Words)
12.tomb filled with treasures discovered in 1922; youngest Pharoah to rule Egypt (2 Words)
14.people of wealth and power
15.imaginary creatures with bodies of lions with heads of other animals or humans
16.ruled in 1200 BC, fought the Hittites in one of his many battles, one of the longest reigning Pharoahs in Egyptian history (3 Words)
19.the period during which Egypt reached the height of its power and glory (2 Words)
24.life after death
29.paths followed by traders (2 Words)
30.Egyptian writing system
31.specially treated bodies wrapped in cloth
1.strong rapids
2.a series of rulers from the same family
3.leader who rose to power in upper Egypt
5.ruled Egypt in 2500 BC during the old kingdom
6.the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
7.female ruler who sent Egyptian traders south to trade with the kingdom of Punt (2 Words)
8.female ruler from 170 BC to 150 BC; first to rule Kush (2 Words)
11.a period in Egyptian history that lasted from about 2700 BC to 2200 BC (2 Words)
13.a tall, four-sided pillar that is pointed on top
17.a period of order and stability that lasted until about 1750 BC (2 Words)
18.a stone slab enscribed with hieroglyphics (2 Words)
21.the title used by the rulers of Egypt or "great house"
22.ruler of Kush, continued to attack Egypt after Kashta died; believed gods wanted him to rule Egypt
23.items sent out to other regions
25.people from rich and powerful families
26.huge stone tombs with four triangle-shaped walls that met in a point on top
27.a triangle shaped area of land made of soil deposited by a river
28.goods brought in from other regions

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