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History 17B Midterm#1


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41   42        

1.wanted the south to pay, and were anti-slavery
4.this lead to a co-op movement; farmers to build they're own grain elevators/silos
10.churches were encouraging middle class people to help immigrants/the poor (charity work)
11.easier for immigrants to adapt; but fed into the anti-immigrant sentiment
13.laws that specified what rights black people had; (basically slavery just not called slavery)
16.was supposed to ban trusts; but never really happened
21.first railroad to expand west and financed the first transcontinental RR line
23.believed if you wanted to solve a problem you couldn't do it at a far distance; founder of settlement houses
25.this was the first media campaign designed to persuade people to be for a war; it did really well
28.a league only open for native born white skilled workers; more conservative only sought improvement in wages and safety for skilled workers
29.no regulation; the less government the better
30.college educated middle class men and women went for a year to live in the immigrant neighborhoods and to help them first hand
31.this was roosevelt moving away from laissez-faire
34.advocated for efficiency, de-skilling, and advanced technology to break up tasks
36.way of mass producing steel; made steel cheap
37.this prevented even more immigrants from joining unions
38.happened in Carneigie's steal plant; this showed that workers couldn't win because the government was on the companies side
39.RR were required to regularly publish rates; didn't change anything because there weren't enough people to enforce it and they weren't allowed to really enforce it
40.a league for anyone (any race, gender, skilled or unskilled worker) more radical
43.this was the first strike that gave unions a bad name even though the unions had nothing to do with it
44.exposed hidden truths and secrets
45.no laws can be made hurting (aiming) at one particular group
2.if you plowed the land than you would get rain for your garden/harvest
3.white workers were angry because for this reason immigrants could do they're job with no problem
5.roosevelt went against the RR monopoly, used the sherman anti-trust act to sue J.P Morgan; roosevelt won and broke up the trusts
6.duty to go over and help other countries; "christianize them"
7.significant because it ultimately showed other countries that the U.S doesn't take no for an answer and will go into internal affairs
8.embraced by both republicans and democrats; chinese were banned from coming to the U.S unless a diplomat or business owner
9.this never passed; but significant because it shows the willingness of the populists to go against lassiez-faire
12.that all slaves needed was this; that just being free wasn't enough if you weren't economically free as well
14.first time any president helped the strikers instead of the company
15.benefited white skilled workers; this league wanted to make immigrants take tests in order to get into the U.S
17.treaty signed to end the spanish-american war; significant because the nation faced the issue of being an "imperial republic"
18.college students tried to teach immigrants how to live like americans
19.attempts to change indians into americans
20.northerners who helped slaves after the civil war; also enforced laws that former slaves were supposed to have
22.helped coordinate war productions; take over companies; set wages for workers and companies etc.
24.against the treaty of paris; thought americans would look hypocritical if they took over other countrie
26.efficient with time and cost
27.whites belief that the white race is superior to all other races
32.party of farmers; party made for the common man
33.the survival of the fittest; supports laissez-faire
35.this person said to try an idea if the idea works than its good if it doesn't than its bad (Ettinger's pot roast example)
41.terrorized white and black republicans
42.more efficient monopoly; partnerships with other companies pushing out small businesses

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