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Complete the statements with a suitable word or group of words.

1         2
  3 4     5
7                 8      
  9         10 11
    13 14 15                
      21 22            
26     27          

1.The aircraft takes off ____________ the runway.
4.Q: _______ controls the airplane? A: the pilot.
6.In a flight, the First Officer is the _________ .
7.The next exam is _________________(be/neg.) long. Only 20 questions. (4 Words)
9.Q: _______ kind of food would you like? A: Vegetarian, please.
12.Passengers wait to board on the _____________ . (2 Words)
14.The passenger ______________ (hear/neg.) the last boarding announcement. (3 Words)
16.Please, __________ your luggage on the overhead compartment.
18.The person in charge of monitoring the aircraft systems is the __________ . (2 Words)
19.____________ 17 students in the classroom (2 Words)
20.I think I _______________ (go) to Paris if I save enough money. (2 Words)
21.An international identification document is the _________ .
23.Q: _______ does the flight depart? A: At 10:45 p.m.
24.The flight attendant __________ (travel) to Cali every weekend.
25.How __________ money do you have in your wallet?
26.Q: _______ much is the ticket? A: It is USD $400.00
27.Guadalupe hill is _________ Monserrate hill.
1.The passengers _____________ (board) at gate B97 at this time. (2 Words)
2.Q: __________ is the cockpit? A: At the front of the airplane.
3.The senior cabin attendant is usually the _______________ . (2 Words)
5.Passengers carry their ___________ on the trolley.
8.The airplane lands ___________ the runway.
10.Sir please ___________________ (smoke/neg.) in here. It is prohibited. (3 Words)
11.The Cooperativa University is ___________________ Avenida Caracas and Calle 39. (4 Words)
13.The flight is ______________ (leave) in 15 minutes. (3 Words)
15.El Chorro de Quevedo is ________ La Candelaria zone.
17.I think that my parents ______________ (allow/neg.) me to go to the trip with you (3 Words)
20.I __________ (go) to Rome last holidays.
22.People who work in an airplane during a flight is the ____________ . (2 Words)
23.Q: _______ did you miss your flight? A: Because I woke up late.

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