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The Ordeal of Reconstruction

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4.Republicans who agree with Lincoln that seceded states should be restored to Union as simply and swiftly as reasonable- thought on Congress' terms, not president's
5.VP Lincoln-Took office at Lincoln assasinated
6.Former white Confederate leaders who control South's government after military leaves
7.Required president to secure consent of Senate before remove appointees; Basis of Johnson's impeachment
10.Laws designed to regulate the affairs of emancipated blacks such as slave statutes had done pre-Civil War
11.Congress Reconstruction plan; Called for 1. 50% of states voters take oath of allegiance and stronger safeguards for emancipation than Lincoln's
12.Previously Civil Rights Bill;Conferred civil rights, including citizenship but excluding right to vote of blacks
1.Incorporates black voting in Constitution
2.Primitive welfare agency to cope with the South- provided food, clothing, medical care, education to both freedmen and white refugees
3.Divide south into 5 military districts, each commanded by Union general and policed by soldiers; disfranchise many former Confederates
8.Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction; Called for 10% of voters in presidential election of 1860 take oath of allegiance to U.S. and pledge to abide by emancipation and formal erection of state government
9.Republicans who believe South should atone more painfully for its sins--before South restored, want its social structure uprooted, haughty planters punished, and newly emancipated slaves protected by federal power

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