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One Direction

Aiesha, Alysse, Cailin and Eirene

One Direction facts and stuff

2     3      
4             5
  6 7      
8 9              
    10             11
12     13            
    14           15       16
18     19      

2.The reason they are One Direction
4.Zayn is addicted to them.
7.Nialls brother
9.Louis nickname
10.Harry's star sign
12.Harry has them
14.Niall eats there.
15.Zayns favourite colour
18.Louis favourite colour
19.Harry likes them.
20.What Anne (Harry's mum) used to call him
1.Liam hates them.
3.Louis likes girls who eats them.
5.A pigeon
6.Where Zayn is from
8.Liam thought he only had one.
11.Liam used to when he was younger
13.Liams favourite colour
16.Zayns favourite thing on a girl

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