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Alcohol Wise

Natasha Bogovac

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1.Alcohol consumption can result in poor _______________________.
6.Some people think that drinking a lot can make these go away, but it usually just makes them worse.
7.Never get into one of these with someone who has been drinking.
8.Being dumped by a crush can ‘break’ it, but alcohol abuse can damage it even more.
9.Alcohol belongs to a group of drugs know as:
10.A sick, awful feeling that often comes the day after drinking too much.
11.Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a row on at least one occasion, even though the person may go for periods of time when he or she doesn’t drink.
12.When a friend pushes you to drink, it’s called “peer ________________”.
15.An alcoholic is someone who is ________________ to alcohol.
18.The only way to sober up someone who has had a significant amount of alcohol.
19.You shout it when you’re in trouble; an alcoholic might need a lot of it to quit drinking.
20.Heavy drinkers might forget things, because alcohol can make them lose their_________________.
21.Autumn, or what a drunk person might do when walking.
2.These keep you from doing and saying stupid things. Alcohol lowers them.
3.It is against the law for anyone younger than this to drink.
4.After a long period of regular drinking, people need more and more alcohol to get the same feeling from the alcohol.
5.Drinking alcohol when it’s cold outside will NOT make you this.
13.When a person is not impaired by alcohol.
14.Doctors check these with a rubber hammer to the knee. Alcohol can slow them down.
15.Some people with alcohol parents feel this way, but they don’t have to.
16.When someone believes he or she is immune from the bad effects of drinking, this is called ‘being in ______________.”
17.It rhymes with something that zooms through space and alcohol can make you do it.

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