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Chapter 4: Criminal Law

Marcia Bedard

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5.recognizes that a person can be emotionally enraged by another who is trying to make them react.
6.also known as the law of precedent--historically built upon legal reasoning and past interpretations of written laws
7.modern law tht concerns itself with offenses committed against society.
12.rules of conduct inherent in human nature, thought to be knowable through intuition, inspiration, and reason
13.Another purpose of law is "Laws ensure that the philosophical, moral, and ____________ _________ of their creators are protected.
18.crime was committed to prevent even greater harm
20.The rule of law states, "Everyone must agree to ____________ the law."
21.part of the law that defines crimes and specifies punishments
22.Civil law seeks ______________ not punishment
23."To have an orderly society, we must have ____________."
26.minimum degree of force necessary to portect oneself
28.defendant is threatened to convince them to commit a crime they would not do normally
33."the body of the crime" these are the facts that show that a crime took place
36.acts that wron in and of themselves, based on our tradititons and conventions
37.defense that might be used if you picked up the wrong backpack in the cafeteria, and were accused of "stealing another students property."
38."let the decision stand"
39.serious crime, punishable by death or incarceration in a prison for one year or more
40.defense based on the belief that the age of reason is 7 years old
41.this defense argues that law enforcement agents created a crime where there otherwise would have been none
42.legal definition states that at the time of the crime the defendant did not know right from wrong
43.based on the premise that the defendant is innocent, because he was not at the scene
44.actus reus and mens rea occur in the same time period
1.law that comes from usage and custom, traditions, and precedents rather than written statutes
2.written law
3.actus reus caused the harm
4.One of the purposes of law is "Laws support ________ _________.
8.body of regulations which have bben created by governments to control the activities of industry, business, and individuals
9.acts that are considered wrong, simply because there is a law against them
10.liability without fault or intention
11."Law supports a system of __________ ___ ________ of offenders."
14.an offense not yet completed, steps toward the intended commison of another offense
15.U.S. citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, or make war against the U.S.
16.part of the law that governs relationships between parties
17.prosecuting a defendant for the same crime twice
19.Who was Daniel M'Naughten trying to kill when he became the first person found not guilty of a crime by reason of insanity?
24.minor crime punishable by confinement in a local jail for less than one year
25.guilty mind, intent
27.force must be proportionable to the amount of force used against the defendant
29.a guilty act
30."Ignorance of the law is no excuse." is the reason this defense is rarely used.
31.aspect of the law that specifies the methods used in enforcing substantivel aw
32.a crime that is "ticketable"--littering, or jaywalking are examples
34."Laws sustain the existing _______________ of power in relationships.
35.According to the rule of law "especially those who _________________ the law"

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