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Business Letters and Tabulations

Mr. Gordon

Know your business letter styles and tabulation rules.

2 3  
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4.used to align data evenly over a tab
6.the two letters designed to identify who typed the letter
9.spacing between most paragraphs
12.folder you would save a business letter in on network
14.formal greeting in the letter
15.align at the start of a word
16.what the fonts in the entire document should be
18.identifies columns when using the sort feature
20.spacing after date and after closing
21.the name of the maximum point size for a letter
22.location where the letter was typed: __ address
1.the closing at the end of the body
2.aligns the character commonly found in money amounts
3.location of where the letter is being sent
5.location often used for letterhead
7.centre, left, right and full paragraph format name
8.name of lines left for person to sign
10.the paragraphs that make up the letter
11.the typed name of the person sending the letter
13.when the letter was typed
14.spacing throughout a letter(for paragraphs)
17.ends all data in a column at the end of the column
19.An optional line about the content of the letter

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