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Traffic: Policing in a Country on the Move

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1.the stop should be made in a __________________ , not necessarily to first available place
2.cell phones, radios, hot cup of coffee, screaming children, talking to friends
7.reduces the time drivers have to avoid crashes, and lengthens stopping distances, which also increases the likelihood of crashing and the severity of the crashes that occur.
9.Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Campaign is an example of Education reponses
10.has become one of the leading safety hazards on our highways
12.bridge the gap police patrol and provide greater visibility--human nature causes everyone to slow down when they see a marked cruiser
16.is the oldest electronic speed enforcement in use and is still the "tool of choice" for most traffic officers
18.upon arrival at a crash scene the officers first responsiblity is to ______________
23.leave the light bar flashing
25.arresting impaired drivers is an officer's _________________
26.__________________________ refers to a maneuver in which a violator is spun to a stop
27.can be used when an officer stops a vehicle not only for a traffic violation but because an officer sees a suspicious-looking driver
28.Traffic _____________ includes putting bends in the road, narrowing roads, allowing parking on both sides of the road, setting the timing of traffic signals
29.requires great skill in nonverbal communication, officers normally use eye contact, hand signals, and a whistle
30.Through out a pursuit, the single most important concept to teach an officer is to ____________________
3._____________________ of the officer sets the tone for the rest of the contact
4.states that those who request and receive driver's licenses must agree to take tests to determine their ability to drive
5.is the number one traffic law enforcement problem
6.is the leading cause of urban crashes in the US
8._________________________ of the stop and of the vehicle's description and license number
11.__________ ____________ ________ are an example of enforcement reponses to the problem of speeding in residential areas
13.officers should try to make the traffic contact an _____________________ for the driver
14.crashes frequently lead to _____________ so careful documentation of all facts is important
15.__________________ are the leading cause of death for people ages 4-34 and the leading cause of death in the line of duty for law enforcement officers
17.Primary purposes of traffic ____________ are to control congestion and reduce crashes
19.commonly known as "road blocks"
20.if an officer finds a vehicle has several outstanding parking tickets, a __________ can be put on the vehicle
21.Blood-alcohol concentration
22.driving around and around a popular route, a favorite pastime of teenagers and young adults
24.officers dealing with traffic violators should __________________________.

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