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The Integumentary System

Jessica Perhealth, DC

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2.__________ usually begins from a mole, and can metastasize through the lymphatic system.
5.Contraction of the arrector pili muscles results in secretion from this gland type
7.This major tissue type is responsible for the production of glandular secretions
10.Supporting cells in neural tissue
12.This muscle has cells described as short, spindle-shaped, and nonstriated, with a single, central nucleus
13.By eating squash and carrots can turn the skin of lighter individuals orange due to the ingestion of ________.
14.Which wound type heals most quickly?
1.This type of skin cancer originates in the deepest layer of the epidermis
3.Which wound type heals most quickly?
4.Hair expresses emotional state by hair standing up, due to contraction of ________ muscle.
6.Study of tissues
8.A burn injury in which all epidermal and dermal cells are killed is classified as ________ degree
9.This vitamin is derived from a cholesterol-related steroid in the epidermis when exposed to sunlight
11.Oxygenated blood is bright red resulting in a flushed, red skin color when dermal blood vessels ______.

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