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by Roy T. Roberts - December 2012

Complete the following puzzle as best as you can for a chance to win a silver dollar donated by me. The most correct answers will be choosen, or the first entry with the completed solution.

1 2 3          
  5           6        
8             9    
    10     11         12 13
17 18         19   20     21    
  25           26        
28 29                       30
31       32        
34         35 36 37      
38               39       40      
43                         44              

2.detector manufacturer of the "green" machine
5.Lone Ranger's horse
6.refuse, rubbish, or junk
8.summertime lures
11.cent or copper
14.dry cells, alkalines, or rechargeables
15.refers to any object that causes an audio or visual response
20.an audio or visual response alerting the operator that a target has been detected
22.any iron or iron-bearing material
23.London's largest park of 300 acres
24.pressing and holding the coil against the ground to gain depth
25.piece of history or artifact
26.provides visual info to aid in target identification
29.charter of club's principles
31.prospector's find
33.the number of complete alternating current cycles produced by the transmit oscillator per second
36.any intentional buried or secreted hoard of valuables
38.Australian detector manufacturer
39.short form for our monthly club competition
42.the person operating a metal detector
43.searching for pocket change (2 words)
44.wrongful entry onto a site
45.adjustable circuitry to eliminate or reduce trash metal
1.detector manufacturer of the "gold & black" machine
3.operating mode which allows total acceptance of any type of metal target (2 words)
4.poke into
7.abandoned vilage or town site (2 words)
9.detector manufacturer of the "blue" machine
10.consent to search a potential site
11.urban greeneries
12.wedding bands
13.short form of our club's name
16.a circular, concentric, eliptical, or double-D housing containg windings of wire (2 words)
17.downward measurement
18.it's done for fun
19.finding the exact target location
27.set of moral values that guides our club members (3 words)
28.impressive grouping of finds
30.currency substitute
32.due payer
34.target found
35.known as magnetite or magnetic iron oxide (2 words)
37.performed by moving various sized metal samples beneath the coil (2 words)
40.the motion employed in moving the seach coil across the ground

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