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Math Vocabulary

Callie Stevns

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1.The degree in which an angle is rotated (3 Words)
5.The mathmatical phrase with numbers, and letters, but no equal sign
10.The shrinking or growing of a shape, when the preportion stays the same
13.The intersection of two sides in a plane figure
14.The repetition of a pattern that is symmetrical (2 Words)
16.The shapes that can be rotated and look exactly like it did before it was rotated (2 Words)
18.The equations that follows a(b+c)=ab+ac (2 Words)
20.The same shape, same size
22.The line with symmetrical halves (3 Words)
23.The distance between a number and zero (2 Words)
24.The letter in a mathmatical sentence that represents one or more numbers
25.The ratio between SIMILIAR shapes (2 Words)
26.The mathmatical sentence that uses an equal sign
2.The equations that share the same solution (2 Words)
3.The number, letter, or combination of all those put together
4.The same shapes, but different sizes
6.The simplifying of a fraction, (etc.) to the point where you can't simplify it any more (2 Words)
7.The terms with the exact same variable (2 Words)
8.The set of whole numbers, and their opposites
9.The change in a shape
11.The set of operations that undo one another (2 Words)
12.The center of a shape being rotated (3 Words)
15.The shapes that can be folded to have the same halves (mirror symmetry) (2 Words)
17.The number part of your term
19.The bottom of the exponent
21.The term that has no variable

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