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Film Music Vocabulary Crossword

Bruce Lee

Film Music vocab, common words in film music, alot of the words are in italian

1 2
  3         4     5
10     11

3.A dramatic change in dynamics to suddenly very loud
7.Two notes, close together in pitch that are rapidly alternated
8.A description of notes that use flats and sharps, or on the keyboard, black notes as well as white notes
9.Slowing down, particularly used most often at the end of a piece of music
12.Sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film
13.An effect used by string players, scrubbing the strings with their bows to create an eerie effect
14.Gradually getting softer
1.A crunchy sounding chord that sounds nasty or dissonant
2.Sound whose source is not visible on the screen or implied to be present in the action – added sound
4.Gradually getting faster
5.A repeated rhythm or group of notes
6.The opposite of discord, a nice sounding chord
10.A ‘glide’ up or down the scale, best played on instruments without keys (trombones, violins, etc)
11.Gradually getting louder

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