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Egyptian Crossword

Nathan DaMaren

This crossword will test your knowledge of the Egyptian people, pharaohs, gods, concepts, events, places and structures. There are 30 questions in this crossword and each has an appropriate answer to fill in the blanks. The blank crossword is on the first page, clues on the second and a filled in crossword on the third to make sure that your answers are correct. Good luck and have fun.

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  3 4
5                   6   7
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            11 12        
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    19   20                   21
        23           24    

1.Akhenaton worshiped this one god.
5.The first female ruler and mother to Tuthmosis III.
9.The god of the dead, earth and vegetation.
11.This group of people represented 25% of all Egyptian people.
13.The sun god of Egypt and chief of all Egyptian gods.
15.The first individual (non-ruler) whose life was recorded.
20.What was king Menes given to symbolize the unification of upper and lower Egypt.
23.The head of the Egyptian court system.
25.This pharaoh constructed more buildings, temples, statutes and monuments than any other pharaoh.
26.The ultimate symbols of power in the old kingdom.
27.All Egyptian heads where painted in ________________________.
28.God of the air who separated earth and sky.
29.Another name for the new kingdom was ___________________________
2.A substance that is used to dry out the body during mummification.
3.A type of pyramid that resembled six mastabas on top of each other.
4.The Pharaoh is seen as the earthly embodiment of this god.
5.The successful invasion and occupation of this warlike people caused Egypt to build and strengthen their army.
6.This pharaoh should be remembered for restoring the traditional Egyptian religion.
7.A dark black soil that is seen as a gift from the gods.
8.A four sided stone tomb that represents humanities strive to reach the heavens.
10.This statue has seen the sun rise for thousands of years.
12.This sedimentary rock made up most of the pyramids.
14.The river Nile ran into this sea.
16.The most fertile area of the river Nile.
17.The item that allowed the deciphering of all Egyptian hieroglyphics.
18.A 70 day process that involved a variety of steps,
19.This pharaoh committed suicide because of the overwhelming amount of drama in her life.
21.The source of life for all Egyptians.
22.A process that naturally preserves the body by rapid drying in the desert sands.
24.Low rectangular stone or brick tombs.

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