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7th Grade Literature

Stormy Taylor

This puzzle is from a list of words used in our 7th Grade Literature Book, covering stories about cowboys and rattlesnakes.

1 2
3                   4
    6           7  
8                       9      
11 12     13  
14                     15

3.n. large region of marshes in southern Florida
6.n. a position or posture of the body
8.Bonus: another name for the "water moccasin" - snake that swims
9.adj. dry and barren
10.n. small two-door automobile
14.n. the snake that is red, black, and yellow
18.Bonus: The family name of the author who wrote "Rattlesnake Hunt", Marjorie Kinnan ________
19.adj. lonely; solitary
20.n. amusements
1.v. estimate or judge
2.n. someone who studies reptiles and amphibians
4.adj. final
5.n. the snake that has a rattle on its tail
7.adj. the shape of the markings on the copperhead snake's back
11.n. the condition of being mortal, or having to die eventually
12.n. animals regarded as troublesome
13.n. person - Edward C. Abbot - a cowboy who rode in a successful trail drive in the 1880's
15.adj. harmless
16.n. food for domestic animals
17.n. what snakes strike with, the name of thier teeth

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