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The Importance of Critical Thinking

Dawn Stockton

Unit 2, Chapter 6. The Importance of Critical Thinking, Anderson, M. (2005) Pg. 99-110

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1.When was the last time Edmund Halley's comet appear?
7.Who dicovered the small pox vaccine?
8.Being creative requires?
10.What can you consider replacing the term critical thinking with?
13.What physiast philosopher published th work on gravitation?
15.What school of nursing did Florence Nightingale attened?
17.What kind of thinker is the hallmark of being an educated person?
19.Brainstorming can be done alone or with?
20.Who discoverd penicillin?
21.What year did the comet appear?
2.Basic college geometry for example, is modeled on that developed 23 centries ago by?
3.What is the ability to see something of value when you weren't looking for it at all?
4.Being willing to change your mind is what level of critical thinking?
5.Who was the austronmer for whom a comet was named?
6.Who developd the concept of nursing as a profession?
9.What kind of spore, is a type of mold?
11.Edmund Halley's finest resource was his?
12.When you are intensely focused, you are using your?
14.Florence Nightingale was a statistician, innovator, and?
16.What year did Edmund Halley die?
18.What country was Kaiserworth school of nursing in?

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