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Natural Selection

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1.Encodes the instructions that define our traits
5.A group of organisms of the same species that live in the same habitat or ecosystem at the same time
7.A notable feature or quality in an organism that is inherited from their parents
8.Structures that perform the same or similar function
13.On organism's ability to survive and reproduce in a specific environment
14.When a growing population causes a scarcity of resources
15.The passing of traits from parents to offspring
2.The result of differential reproductive success of individuals caused by variations in their inherited characteristics
3.An organ or structures that has lost all or most of their ancestral function
4.An evolutionary process that results in a new biological species
6.Spontaneous changes in an organisms DNA genome
9.When an inherited characteristic increases an organisms chances of survival
10.A group of organisms that look alike and can interbreed under natural conditions to produce fertile offspring
11.Structures that share a common ancestry or origin
12.Differences in DNA sequences between organisms

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