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John is awesome

Santana Grant

Happy Birthday John!

1 2     3    
4             5            
  6 7           8
9 10                    
      11 12    
15           16       17          
21             22   23      
  25 26      

2.Imma busta ________!
4.French for pomegranate
5.Word used to test the internet connection
7.Ingredient in gummi candies that vegetarians can't eat
10.Very depressing philosopher
13.An attractive mystical creature
15.Eden's last name
17.Catwoman's angsty orphan friend
18.Derp for love
21.The best name for a dog
22.Matt's nickname
25."Holy Christmas!"
27.French for John
1.French engineer
3.Game coming out next wednesday (two words)
4.Something that I would catch for you
6.Most hilarious drunk texter
8.What skytrain station is the awesome sushi place at?
9.The missing crystal bird
11.Jake the dog and Finn the _________
12.Cucumber that's been sitting in vinegar and salt for some time
14.Blond who went to Europe
16.Santana's astrological sign
19.Derp for frog
20.GOT bitch king
23.Shoot!; Beaver's house
24.Modern way of communicating for free
26.The avater

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