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The Learning Sciences and Constructivism

Andrew Stevens and Jared Henry

Key words from module 24

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1.A commitment to build shared meaning with others by finding common ground
3.Situation in which ideas are judged as useful
5.Part of constructivism that focuses on the social and cultural sources of knowing
7.Internalization of skills and knowledge learned through interaction with outside sources
11.Part of constructivism that focuses on the individuals sources of knowing
12.Learning process that relies on collaboration with others
13.Idea that skills or knowledge are tied to specific situation and don't apply to new setting
2.Problems that are more like real life
4.Part of constructivism see's knowledge as individual and therefore neither right or wrong
6.View that the learner is active in building understanding
8.Introduces the fundamental structure of all subjects and then builds on them throughout school
9.Based on research from many different fields that study learning
10.How public knowledge is built

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