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Halloween's History

Mr. Forbes

Read the story about the origin and history of Halloween rom the History Channel and use the clues from the crossword to find the words from the reading to solve the puzzle. Good luck and hope you enjoyed the puzzle I made for you.

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19                   20
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  28                 29
    31   32                      
    34         35            
37             38                    

8.A name for a desguise that changes your identity or appearance on this day.
9."Mashed __" - What a matchmaking cook would bury a ring into on Halloween night to find a true love diner.
12.The amount of money Americans spend on this holiday making it the second largest commercial holiday. (2 Words)
14.The original name for Jack-O-Lanterns (2 Words)
15.The main way evil spirits were kept away and the reason we associate bats and spiders as they went to this source of energy and light.
16.People of another country who felt triangles were sacred (Blessed and good for us).
18.The people who started the tradition leading to Halloween 2,000 years ago.
19.The holiday we know where we dress up in costumes and beg for treats from our neighbors.
21.The Roman goddess of fruit and trees, whose symbol is th apple (Hint: Her name you should know REAL well because of where you live).
22.A season associated with death by the Celts.
25.A gender in America that thought that on this night their future spouse would be revealed by doing tricks with yarn, apple parings, or mirrors.
26."__ __ Eve" - Another name for All Saints Day. (Two words) (2 Words)
28.A state where Halloween was the strongest (Mentioned in the reading)
32.This area in America where Halloween was first celebrated due to Protestant beliefs. (2 Words)
33.The food that was given to beggars who would pray for the dead of the families who gave these small payments of food. (2 Words)
34.A name given to people from other countries who arrived in America.
36.The character Jack always had to trick to avoid death.
37.The joining of a man and a woman by ritual we associate with bells and white dresses. How a couple become husband and wife.
38.The Catholic sanctioned holiday most thought was made to replace the Celtic holiday. This holiday celebrated all the saints/martyrs who did not have a day dedicated to them. (Three Words) (3 Words)
1.A spice that was expensive and hard to get we don't spill for fear of being bad luck.
2.Another name for "frightening" that community leaders were encouraged to remove from Halloween during the late 1800's.
3.A fruit native to america we use for making Jack-O-Lanterns.
4.The item that Jack always used to trap or block the devil with.
5.Creatures associated with witches we try to avoid. (2 Words)
6.Bowls of this were left outside by the door to keep spirits from entering the homes.
7.The original name of Halloween that marked the end of summer and th beginning of winter on November 1st.
10.The original term for "trick-or-treating."
11.The vegatable that was one of the first Jack-O-Lanterns placed in windows to turn away Stingy Jack and wandering spirits.
13."__ Century" - Time when autumn festivities where common but Halloween wasn't practiced everywhere yet. (Hint: Written form of a number)
17.Another name for the Celtic Priests who made predictions about the future.
19.A nut associated with for finding future husbands.
20.People fleeing a country hit by the Potato Famine of 1848.
23.Type of public event where ghost stories would be told, and people would dance and sing. (2 Words)
24.The creatures from the dead who people feared would walk the earth during this holiday (Hint: Not zombies)
27.These things were left on the side of the road for loved ones so they would not get lost during the dark.
29.A term for destruction of something by someone done on purpose that happened during the 1920's & 30's.
30.A day celebrated by the Roman Empire that marked the passing o the dead in late October.
31.A device we use but don't walk under because it was associated with gallows (Place used to hang criminals).
35.The Empire responsible for conquering the Celts and most of the world.

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