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Roman Empire

How fast can you answer the questions correctly?

4 5  
  6   7      
8         9     10
  11           12 13  
16 17              
        20   21
          22     23

3.Everyone wanted to be _____!
6.The Romans built good roads for their ______ to get to places faster
8.What language did the Western Roman Empire speak?
11.Who was the last non-christian Ruler?
14.When did the Western Roman Empire fall?
15.When was Romes biggest rule?
16.What was one of the best place the Romans ruled? - It has the Nile
18.Another bad ruler was ________
22.Who made the Barbarians attack the Roman Empire? - The ____
24.Who was the Roman empires first single ruler?
25.What was a big problem in the Cities?
26.If someone didnt speak Latin or Greek what were they called?
27.Who was the first Christian Emporer?
1.There were two really bad Emporers one with four letters was called ____
2.The Romans built amazing _____
4.What was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?
5.Rome was a ________ before it becam an empire
7.Where did the Huns come from?
9.Who was Ceasar Augustus named after?
10.When did Rome end?
12.What werent the Romans good at?
13.When did the Eastern Roman Empire fall?
17.What language did the Eastern Roman Empire speak?
18.Who was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire named after?
19.What tactic did the Roman Army use with their sheilds?
20.One of the reasons Rome fell was because it was too ___!
21.Who took over the Eastern Roman Empire?
23.What else made the place witht he Nile so good to live in?- helps plants grow

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