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Flatworms and Roundworms

Kally Morozin

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2.In a flatworm a group if nerve cell bodies that coordinates incoming and outgoing nerve signals.
8.A process in which body parts that are missing due to damage or predation can be regrown.
11.The class of flatworms that mostly live in soil.
13.The knob-shaped structure with hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host.
14.The phylum flatworms belong to.
15.A disease contracted by eating raw or undercooked pork and pork products, or wild game infected with the larvae of Trichinella.
16.A disease caused by filarial worms that live in tropical areas.
1.Fluid within a closed space that provides rigid support for muscles to work against.
3.Flatworms don't have a coelom; therefore, they are _________.
4.Bulblike cells lined with cilia that sweep water and excretory substances into tubules.
5.The most common nematode parasite in human in the US.
6.Individual sections of a flatworm behind the scolex.
7.The phylum roundworms belong to.
9.The tubelike muscular organ that releases enzymes that begin the digestion of prey in flatworms.
10.Class of flatworms that infect the blood or body organs of their host, like flukes.
12.The class of flatworms that tapeworms belong to.

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