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P2 Key words crossword


1   2                 3
  5   6              
      9 10                
14   15        
16                     17  

1.Ionising radiaiton responsible for most skin cancers. (5-6)
6.What has happened to the radiation when the molecule that it hits receives energy and heats up. (7)
7.What you use to see! (7,5)
8.Type of radiation that lacks enough energy to remove electrons from molecules. (3-8)
10.Moving rapidly back and forth; how heat is passed on between atoms and molecules. (9)
13.Process by which the atmosphere absorbs the longer wavelength infrared re-emitted by the Earth at night. (10,6)
16.Used by mobile phones to transmit information. (9)
18.Absorbs UV radiation from sunlight; CFCs have caused a hole to form in this. (5,5)
2.When radiation goes through and object. (11)
3.Family of radiations. (15,8)
4.Process by which an important non-metal is moved continously between the Earth, its oceans, atmosphere and living things. (6,5)
5.Examples include water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane. (10,3)
9.Used worldwide for communications. (5,5)
11.Emitted by all warm and hot objects. (8)
12.What happens when a wave hits a barrier and bounces back off it. (10)
14.Most penetrating type of radiation. (5)
15.Tiny 'packet' of EM radiation. (6)
17.Ionising radiation used in medical imaging. (1-3)

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