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Triangles, lines, polygons

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1 2 3
  4 5 6   7        
9       10      
13               14                
18       19    
  20 21   22          
23           24       25   26  

4.the circumference of a circle is = how many of its diameters?
6.8 sided polygon
8.zero divide by ten
9.4 sided equilateral polygon with 2 equiangular pairs
11.2 angles that add up to 90 degress
13.two lines that never meet (or touch)
14.exactly the same shape
15.9 divided by (6 minus 6)
16.Is this an equation: 5x + 4x - 3
17.a line that touches the circumference of a circle at a point
18.how many dimensions has a line
19.which number is most important: 123456.78
21.2 variables that have a relationship with each other
23.how many dimensions has a ball
24.math term for: this is the same as that
27.which number is least important: 123456.78
1.4 sided equilateral and equiangular polygon
2.how many dimensions has a point
3.which is heavier? a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?
5.a 4 sided polygon with only 2 sides equal
7.how many dimensions has a circle
10.which number is bigger: A: 1.09999 or B: 1.1000
12.3 sided polygon
13.5 sided polygon
15.zero divide by zero
20.how many dimensions has a box
22.the most common angle is
25.max num of 30 degrees a traingle can have
26.max num of 90 degrees a triangle can have

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